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Memories of the Marsh

"I did know her once, quite definitely."

Edinburgh Fringe

August 6-14 (2022)

Memories of The Marsh – A stage adaptation of “When Marnie Was There” by Joan G. Robinson

(1967). Some friendships last forever, whilst some melt away into the fabric of history. It’s funny to

think isn’t it? That one day we will die, then become memories. Then memories of those memories.

Then ghosts. You become history.

Anna Lawson, a 16-year-old from London is sent away to stay with her god parents in Jersey for the

summer. This beautiful story explores her developing relationship with an unlikely friend. In an

unlikely place. Unravelling an unlikely story. Take in the humour, beauty, and the subtle sea breeze

whilst you remember the memories of the marsh.


“Isn’t it funny?”


“What is?”


“What we forget”.

Memories of The Marsh.png

A play by.

Kamil Pietrecki - Director 

Jack Norris - Co- Director/ Writer

Emma Garry - Company Dramaturg

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Meet The Cast

Eva Young as Mandy

Indigo Evans as Mandy

Kamil Pietrecki as Quinn

Elizabeth Bell as Mandy

Jack Norris as Quinn

Joe Massey as Quinn

Kamil Pietrecki
  • Spotlight


"But both feel real. Mandy, I don't know what is real and what is not anymore." 


The most interesting part of playing Quinn is his inner battle with himself and the ultimatum that eventually consumes him.

Elizabeth Bell
  • Spotlight


"You did this" "It's always you."  


Is she more concerned about Quinn's happiness or her own? I'm interested in if she wants Quinn present for the sake of their relationship or for her own sanity and security? 

Eva Young
  • Spotlight


"It's like you don't even see me. You look straight through me and it hurts."  


 Excited to explore Mandy's identity within her relationship with Quinn and also her own relationship with herself. Who is she when she's not with Quinn?

Joe Massey
  • Spotlight


"It feels like we're doing the same thing over and over again, you and me".

Time is interesting. It can bend, distort and trap you without realising. What's most interesting is "How do you escape the trap?"

Jack Norris
  • Spotlight


"It feels like we're doing the same thing, over and over again, you and me."  


There's a hidden internal sadness to Quinn. Interested in the status dynamic that plays out in their relationship.

Indigo Evans
  • Spotlight


"Do you love me? Yes? Then you need to show me."  


The conflict within the characters is so authentic. I love that in empathising with them, one ends up rooting for an ultimately toxic relationship.

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