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About Us.


So whats it all about then?

Poetic Fools is a Theatre company based in West London where story telling is at the heart of everything we do. What makes us Poetic Fools? A sense of play and risk being the driving force of creating our stories. The company is rooted in Physical Theatre and Clown by Artistic Director Kamil Pietrecki and Co - Artistic Director Jack Norris who met during their training in 2017. Since then the company has continued to grow and built up exciting momentum in producing new work.

The company's ethos is simple but essential to the work we produce. Firstly, producing work through play and game is paramount to never having a dull rehearsal. Secondly, some things are so holy that they deserve to be done right. Last but certainly not least, bringing something for the fun and having having a strong ensamble bond with each other is the life blood of good Theatre. 

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